The RawatKhedia and the Borana groups are regarded amongst the most renowned textile houses in the city of Surat. It is the collaboration amongst these two groups which has resulted in the birth of ‘R & B Denims’. Both of these firms have an experience of more than 30 years in the industry, giving ‘R & B Denims’ a long lineage of history, to back itself up.

‘R & B Denims’ was commissioned in the year 2012, with an aim which has always been simple; create the best, serve the best. Right from the time of its inception, this very concept has been kept intact and has been well preserved. It is because of it and many other factors that the company has achieved all of its successes and created for itself a prime position amongst others. In its very 1st year of existence, the brand has achieved nationwide recognition and a space and image of its own.